Organize more activities on campus for independent students

Being independent is not always what it seems. I’d like to open up about my experience as an independent here at Samford and share with you what I expected it to be like and what it has actually been like.

When I came to Samford last fall, I decided not to rush for several reasons, and I have enjoyed the freedom that has given me. I’ve been able to participate in campus organizations like RUF, for example, but I have also had time to simply enjoy the opportunities Samford and Birmingham have to offer in and of themselves.

At the beginning of the school year, sororities seemed to be all the hype at Samford, and I wondered how much I might miss by not joining one. It seemed like nearly everyone was Greek and I was left out. But now, it doesn’t feel that way at all. Greek organizations are just one more way to be involved at Samford, and the ways I’ve found to get plugged in on campus and in the Birmingham community are too many to count.

However, the independent experience has been a bit different from what I was first told it would be. At the beginning of the fall semester, I thought that Samford’s independent students did things together regularly. Amanda Moehlis, also a freshman independent, said she too, has been a bit surprised by the lack of activities for Samford’s independent community.

“The beginning of the year, they did about three things, but since then there has been nothing,” Moehlis said. “I think there is a big community of independents, but we have had no chance to come together and get to know one another.”

I agree. I think Samford’s non-Greek students enjoy being independent, but I also think we would like more ways to get involved and spend time with one another. We would like to see someone take the lead and organize some activities for independents, if only one each month. Moehlis suggested a painting party, cookie decorating, a movie night or a hike.

All things considered, being an independent at Samford has been a fun experience, even though it has been different from my initial expectations. I love being able to meet and spend time with all kinds of people and participate in a variety of activities. However, I know I and many other independents at Samford would love to see more opportunities to interact with each other.

I would like to welcome independent students in Samford’s class of 2022 with a genuine sense of community. Hosting activities for independents during rush week is great, but we do not want to stop there. We want to get to know them throughout their first semester and beyond as we participate in fun activities throughout the year. Samford’s independent community is very much alive, but, from here on out, I want to see it thrive.


Kaitlyn Baker, Columnist

[Photo courtesy of Kaitlyn Baker]