Q & A with Jake Faundez

Q: Where you from?

A: I’m from Perth, Western Australia.


Q: What year are you?

A: Senior


Q: Major? Career plans?

A: Economics major. Not really sure about my career plans right now.


Q: What do you bring to the team/ your role

A: As an upperclassmen on the team I have a leadership role on the team. Setting an example for the team is a big aspect of this and helping the freshman understand what it means to be a college tennis player and what is required of them both on and off the court.

Q: What teammate pushes you the most in practice and why? (Asks)

A: Probably our new freshman Rossouw (Norval). He brings a lot of energy and work ethic which reminds me to keep my own standards high.


Q: Pregame routine?

A: I always eat the same breakfast before a match, an Australian cereal called weet bix. Other than that I just try to relax and go about my day until it’s time to go to the courts.


Q: How is the team different from last year?

A: For the most part the team is actually the same. We didn’t lose any seniors last year and we only got two new guy. If anything we are a little more talented than last year.


Q: What’s your favorite part about being on the team?

A: the memories are the best part about being on the team. Going on road trips with the guys and working hard together is fun because you remember the struggles you went through together and it build bonds.


Q: What can you improve on individually to help better the team as well as yourself?

A: Making sure I am a vocal leader and always exerting maximum energy is something I can continue to improve on. If the boys can see that I’m giving 100% and can hear that I’m encouraging them to do the same then I’m doing my job.



Joi Moore, Sports Writer