Joy in every stitch

Embroidery may seem like a lost art to college students, but not to Joy Cain, a junior at Samford University who has started her own embroidery business. It all began in the summer of 2017 when Cain and her friend were invited to a co-workers house to learn to embroider.
“We went over to her house and we literally just sat with this woman for three hours as she taught us how to embroider and told us stories,” Cain said. “It was hilarious.”
She learned make shirts for herself but quickly more and more people wanted her to make shirts for them.
“Over the last year enough people had asked me to make them something,” Cain said. “I decided I might as well make an Instagram and see where it goes.”
She posts her designs and products to share with the public by using Instagram.
Her shirts take three to four hours to make and are sold for $15.
“People hear that it takes so long and they say I need to charge more or stop because it takes up so much time, but it’s therapeutic and fun to me,” Cain said. “It really is something I like to do.”
The success of her business is apparent as she sees people wearing her shirts around campus and in her hometown.
“I love being able to to support Joy and her passion,” Ellie Boster, a sophomore at Samford said. “Her shirts are really cute and I get a lot of compliments when anyone sees me wearing one.”
Cain’s business might not leave her with the biggest profits, but it is certainly worth it to her and the people who wear her creations.


Dori Bullard, Features Writer

[photo courtesy of Dori Bullard]