A bit about stress management

Now that it’s December, there is a new, fresh feeling in the air on campus. The quad is

festive, students are listening to Christmas music, and everyone seems to be exhibiting the signs

of the holiday season. Unfortunately, this isn’t an entirely positive thing.

On a college campus, this time of year is a mixed bag. Not only are most people enjoying

the new holiday season, but students are also looking forward to the Christmas break that seems

so close and yet so far.


December also marks the beginning of a lot of pre-finals stress in most student’s lives.

This, combined with some of the stress that comes with oversaturated Christmas culture,

can be a crippling disadvantage if gone unchecked.


So how should students go about managing all of these seasonal concerns?

Stress management is an extremely researched topic, with no simple or straightforward

answer. No matter the source of the stress, it is always important to maintain a healthy

perspective on the world around you.


The concept I want to propose in this writing is simple, but not easy.

I don’t have too much to say on the subject, because as students, we all share the same

stresses. I do, however, want to send out a personal word of encouragement to any students

reading this.


The only way stress can defeat us, is if we give in. As students, we are consistently faced

with new battles. Whether it’s related to classes, personal relationships, or literally anything else,

we must keep in mind that we are not defined by the doubts that can plague us. We are not

defined by the concerns we are faced with, and we are not defined by our daily battles.

Students are defined by the late nights of studying, and relationships we form with each

other. We are defined by the stress we share.


Perspective is possibly the most effective tool we have to manage the stress of the season.

As long as we never let ourselves (or each other) give in, we will all be able earn our Christmas

break, and walk away from this semester accomplished and eager for the next day’s battles.

Thomas Cleveland

Thomas is our staff's newest addition as the Opinions Editor. We are happy to have him on our team!