Turning to the Paige of the Women’s Basketball Team Q&A with Bulldogs point guard Paige Serup on what drives her


Even though the Bulldogs have not gotten off to a great start to the season, they have a lot to look forward to with the promise of their new look roster stepping up. One of the shining stars for the Bulldogs this year has been their junior guard Paige Serup. The point guard from Edmund, Oklahoma, has been having a breakout season this year after being a reserve player her first two seasons with the Bulldogs. She currently leads the team in points per game with nine. She also leads the team in three-point percentage and second in minutes. Crimson Sports writer Joi Moore had the opportunity to talk to Serup and what drives her  and the team’s success.


Joi Moore: Compare last year’s team to this year’s squad. What are some similarities and differences between them?

Paige Serup: Last year, we only graduated one girl, So we basically have the same team. But we are all stepping into new roles this year. Even though, we only graduated one, we still look really different .


JM: What do you do for pregame?

PS: Pregame looks different depending if we are on the road or at home. I’m not really a routine girl, so I always switch things up. If we are on the road, pregame normally includes a nap and if we are at home, we are normally just chilling with the teammates in the locker room.


JM: what is your role on the team?

PS:  Right now, my role is to just play a solid game all around.


JM: What do you bring to the team?

PS:  I just try and execute the plays and contribute any way I can.


JM: What are some things you  feel like the team is excellent at? Needs improvement?

PS:  We are a pretty solid shooting team. We share the ball well and look for the open person. We are working to improve our defense right now.


JM: Which teammate pushed you the most in practice? Why?

PS: Katie Allen pushes me the most in practice. She isn’t my position, so we don’t go head to head but she has great energy. Her energy is something I try to match during every practice.

Serup and the Bulldogs will start a five game road trip this Sunday that will put them up against the likes of Memphis, Auburn, University of Denver, Colorado and Vanderbilt. The Bulldogs will return home to the Pete Hannah Arena on Jan. 8 to face in-state rival Montevallo at 6p.m. (CST). The game will be broadcast on ESPN3.


Joi Moore

Joi Moore is a JMC major with a concentration in Print.